Outstanding achievements deserve a red carpet.

Awards should not be presented, but celebrated. For this purpose, Dirk Denzer Performing Arts conceives and implements impressive award events that make award ceremonies events worthy of the Oscars. Small, celebratory dinners and parties as well as spectacular shows in front of a large audience. Parties tailored individually and sensitively to the respective occasion that bring the honored award winners unforgettable experiences and sentimental moments, with a positive long-term impact for the event organizer.

Presentation of the CERES AWARD for Farmer of the Year

The goal: To do the highly regarded Ceres Award ceremony justice, to stage an entertaining evening for approximately 400 guests (top managers in the agricultural engineering sector, farmers, opinion leaders, politicians, associates and journalists).

The achievements: Design, presentation, welcome hall act, musical accompaniment, placing and staging of top show acts, sequence direction, staging and content design.

The event: For the third time in a row, we were asked to stage the Farmer of the Year's award night, the presentation of the famous Ceres Award in Berlin, on behalf of the Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag (German agriculture publisher). The award consists of twelve categories for farmers who have drawn special attention through their skills and significant achievements, through their inventiveness, determination and perseverance in their profession. It is an award of significant importance with the power to bring together the "who-is-who" of the agriculture sector in Berlin. The different award blocks were presented and artistically implemented with top-ranking international performers, experienced moderators and a wealth of imagination.



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