You don’t need opposites to attract visitors.

An audience magnet is far more useful here. In the form of an attractive tradeshow directly on the trade fair stand for example. Customized and adapted to the strategy and brand world. In order to be able to promote product and brand messages in an interesting way, to develop sales discussions, or simply to attract a crowd. For years Dirk Denzer Performing Arts has been developing and creating harmonious, creative ideas and concepts that are geared specifically towards the problem, giving brands and products emotional appeal and anchoring messages for the long-term and, of course, adapting to the respective opportunities and the stand architecture. We offer central shows on large and small stages, or shows in the crowd. Our range of services also includes press events, get-together parties and events lasting several days abroad and at home.

SolarWorld AG at the Intersolar Europe in Munich

Die Tramphouse Performance bei der Intersolar 2016 in München auf dem Solarworld Stand

Goals: Create and stage an original exhibition show, arouse interest in SolarWorld AG’s new product, "bifacial solar energy modules", and its originality (bifaciality) in an artistic manner and make the aforementioned tangible.

Achievements: Fair trade show design, show design, selection of artistes, stand builder's briefing.

Event: Intersolar Europe is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners. International solar power technology group SolarWorld introduced its bifacial solar power modules as a highlight at its fair trade stand. The use of reflective irradiation on the underside of the modules allows up to 25% more yield depending on the ground underneath. The company commissioned a tailor-made exhibition show to properly present the special effects of the bifacial technology.  
Dirk Denzer Performing Arts managed this perfectly by staging a unique trampoline performance against a wall.  The artistes put on a double tramp-house acrobatic performance several times daily over the three days of the exhibition with spectacular tricks on both sides of a wall placed outside of the exhibition building. They went up the wall vertically, free-fell backwards, and presented breathtaking tricks and combinations.



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