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25-year anniversary of the Rudolph printing company

09/01/2017 – Our "print shop" opens its new building in Schweinfurt harbor and celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Der Seifenblasenkünstler Bellowski bei der Druckerei Rudolph

The company was founded by Günter Rudolph in 1992 and has grown in size and developed its production technology on an ongoing basis since then. Besides its headquarters in Ebertshausen, it now has a new Rudolph digital printing centre in Schweinfurt, where it produces printed items of all types using cutting-edge digital printing systems.

We have been a customer of the Rudolph printing company for many years and have them produce our high-quality print media, such as our annual customer magazine "Varieté Report", for example.
We were delighted to design a small but attractive artistic framework program for this event.







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