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Photos and our work at various shows and events. These are just small excerpts from larger programs, of course. And just a few examples of our variety and show productions, from business events, public stage productions and global events that were held over the last 15 years.

Deutsche Telekom

Eröffnungsszene der Traumschmiede Varietéshow in Fulda im Esperanto Hotel anlässlich des Kick off Events der DTTS - Deutsche Telekom Technischer Service

Kick-off and change event for the DTTS (Deutsche Telekom Technical Service). Under the theme “forging the future together,” various units were “forged together” with the aid of this event.  Dirk Denzer’s “Traumschmiede” (dream factory) served as the setting and backdrop for this event.

Special Christmas event for 1,200 employees at the Zentralstadion, Darmstadt with interactive and modern variety performances.

Thanksgiving event with variety, animation and live music in the Maritim Hotel, Darmstadt, for 800 employees.

T-Systems Frankfurt
Presentation, variety performances and light shows during the sponsor activities of Deutsche Telekom at the Wolkenkratzerfestival, Frankfurt.


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